Dritsas family has several decades in the production, packing and marketing of fresh fruit.


It is at the fresh fruits and vegetables market since 1992 as a family business based in Attica with refrigerating chambers with total capacity of 500 tons.


Dritsas Bros S.A. operates in the field since 1992 as a family business based in Attica. Today the company’s customer list includes collaborations with all the known Super Market chains in the country.


We established a branch in the area of N. Milotopos – Pella in 2006 with refrigerating chambers total capacity of 500 tons and new equipment for sorting and packing.


This year the increased demand and the ever-growing trend of the company’s lead us to create our second branch in the areas of Naousa – Imathias. Facilities have new technology refrigeration chambers total capacity of 2000 tons . The company has a total cooling capacity areas above 3000 tons and packaging in the region of Pella and Imathia.


From family business Dritsas Bros SA currently it employs a permanent staff of 10 people and seasonal reaches 60 people.
In an effort lasting development created and implemented innovative ideas internal research and development processes.